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That's what we're here for! This page is a work in progress. We're still trying to figure out how to tell you our story, without writing a book. Check back soon for the completed story, with pictures (that face on an Internet business thingy) and everything else!

It all began with Beanie Babies!

Way back in 1996, my two daughters were 5 and 3, and they were each given a Beanie Baby by a family friend. Beanies were new and the girls were too young to really have any interest in these two little brightly colored teddy bears. They ended up sitting in a closet for a year or so.

One day while we were cleaning out a closet, we ran across these two brightly colored teddy bears and a friend sees them and tells us that some of these beanie babies are worth some money. I looked it up on the Internet at work (we didn’t even have a computer at home), and sure enough, the “Beanie Baby Market” said that these little bears were worth about $300 EACH!

You mean I can MAKE MONEY from this?

Being a working father of 2 little girls, THAT was a lot of money back then! I kept an eye on the estimated/projected value through the Internet and when they value showed that they were worth $600-700 each, I placed an online ad to sell them. In less than a day, I had a full price offer of $1350 for both! SOLD! Wow, I was blown away that I could make money selling something through the Internet.

This was my first adventure with making money on the Internet. Long story, short, I began to buy and sell Beanie Babies using the Internet, and made several thousand dollars in extra income! What a blessing to our family. We used the first $1350 to buy our own computer, and then we were making extra money on the Internet to use for family vacations, birthday and Christmas presents, and giving to various charities and missions ministries! How cool is that?

A few short months later, the bottom fell out of the beanie baby market, and I sold the rest of my inventory to cover my cost, and then it was time to decide what to do next. I had a taste of using the Internet to make money from home, and I decided that there had to be other ways to make money using the Internet.

Could I make money full-time?

My brain began to race and my soul was stirred. Could I possibly make a living using the Internet? Could I work from home and support my family? Could I eventually leave this dead-end job and make money doing something I loved to do?

A lot has happened since 1998, and the answer to all of those questions was unequivocally, YES! I could, and I did, and now I am trying to help other people do so, too.

And the rest, as they say, is history...

My journey started a long time ago, and I had to learn on my own, with no help, with no support system, through trial and error. While I’ve been making a full-time living through the Internet since 1999, it hasn’t been easy. Your journey could START TODAY with help from my team and the full resources of the skMax team in your corner.

There has never been a better time, with more support, and unlimited access to incredible tools, and unbelievable, high-quality, intense Internet marketing training!


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